Survey Captures National Data on STEM Schools

Analysis will allow comparisons between aspects of U.S. STEM schools and other public high schools nationally

The National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools (NCSSS) recently released a major study of its high school members, many that are among the top-performing STEM schools in the U.S. The survey examined NCSSS member student performance, school and board diversity, and the key issues on the minds of school administrators and teachers.

There is a trend toward higher representation of previously underrepresented groups serving on the boards of NCSSS member schools compared to the national average. The study found a strong correlation between diversity among students and faculty, suggesting that both are increasingly drawn to schools with students and faculty who look like them.

The survey also addressed “hallway conversations” in which respondents overwhelmingly reported that students’ mental wellness was the most discussed topic at NCSSS schools.

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