Consortium Connects are online professional learning roundtables or conversations that are free for NCSSS Member Schools. Have an idea for a Consortium Connects? Email Jen McNally.

Upcoming Consortium Connects


Thursday, September 28
3 p.m. ET
Effective Governance: You’ll Know It When You See It
Behind every great school and school leader is a strong board that fosters a collaborative partnership rooted in trust, transparency, and a clear understanding of its governance role. Learn more about how a board can be most effective, including engaging in strategic, generative work that is focused on advancing the vision of the school. Topics will include constructive collaboration, board revitalization, and principles of an effective board.


Key Takeaways:
Attendees will receive a number of tools for evaluating their board’s effectiveness, a visual highlighting the board/school leader partnership, and a guide to board succession planning.

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3 p.m. ET
Thursday, October 10

Unlocking New Dimensions in Education
Discover the future of immersive education in our upcoming webinar introducing syGlass—an innovative platform revolutionizing traditional learning. Our expert panel, including syGlass executives and a teacher who embraced syGlass in her classroom, will unveil groundbreaking tools, citizen science capabilities, and dynamic partnerships.

Uncover the potential of syGlass, an educational solution utilizing immersive technology to animate scientific concepts. Dive into 3D and 4D virtual reality seamlessly integrated into instructional materials, fostering tangible comprehension of complex scientific phenomena. Gain insights from the teacher on syGlass’s impact on student engagement.

syGlass goes beyond immersion, empowering students through citizen science. Explore how this platform involves learners in real-world research, fostering ownership and contributions to scientific progress. Witness its role in nurturing future researchers.

Explore syGlass’s network with universities, bridging classrooms and cutting-edge research, allowing students to learn from experts. Elevate your educational journey with unparalleled insights.

Join us to be inspired about the future of education through immersive learning. Broaden horizons, ignite passion, and equip yourself to propel education forward in this collaborative webinar.

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Tuesday, October 24
2:30 p.m. ET

Interested in bringing Internet of Things to your classroom?

Help us beta test a physical product!

Join AWS Spark to demystify cloud computing and ready yourselves (and your students) for the next generation of tech literacy! Middle and secondary school teachers have a pivotal role in inspiring students (ages 11+) to consider careers in technology and to persist in STEM pathways.

Join this session to learn about a sneak peek opportunity into a pre-market cloud-enabled learning device! We’d love your participation and feedback to validate that we are on the right track to engage your students in ready-to-teach, real-world cloud learning.

All content, resources, and platforms are free for teachers, schools, and students. Can’t make the session? Don’t want to wait? Check out the rest of the AWS Spark content today!

Deidre Holmberg, Global Leader, AWS Spark
Rachel Seys, Global STEM Initiatives PM
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