Brian Sea

Instructor of Computer Science
North Carolina School for Science and Mathematics (NCSSM)

Deep Dive Session: Raising The Ceiling and Lowering The Floor: Differentiated Learning Through Tiered Projects
Time: 2:30 p.m.
Date: Thursday, November 3
Session Takeaways: Teachers will take away design concepts used to create not only flexible, tiered projects but also the classroom environment which foster them. A Human Robot activity lesson plan and project handouts will be introduced and executed by participants.


Brian Sea has taught computer science for over 15 years in varied environments including middle and high schools, boarding and day schools, community college and four-year universities. At Phillips Exeter Academy and the Head-Royce School, Brian helped design four-year curricula ranging from introductory to advanced courses. At each school, enrollment has increased, and the population has diversified.

While Brian has employed many pedagogies, he primarily uses a problem-centered approach to engage students and maintain motivation.