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The Lawrenceville Summer Scholars Program

Job Title: Technology Teacher - The Lawrenceville Summer Scholars Program

Position Summary: Technology Teachers are responsible for the supervision of students (grades 6 through 12), the implementation of Technology curriculum, promoting and actively participating in classroom activities, providing a safe and fun learning environment, and serving as a positive role model for students and all staff. 

In addition, Technology Teachers effectively teach and manage youth. 

Our ideal candidate loves technology, believes deeply in The Lawrenceville Summer Scholar’s mission, displays a record of achievement in effective supervision and management of youth, builds positive relationships and ensuresthe safety and well-being of people of all ages. Additionally, the Technology Teacher serves as a subject matter expert and is knowledgeable in all current technology trends.

Position Objective/Purpose:

We are seeking motivated Teachers to teach one, multiple, or all of the following technology topics from June 25 through August 7, 2015:

●        Robotic Design and Visual Programming

●        Programming and Robotics

●        Minecraft

●        Java Coding

●        3D Game Design

●        App Design for iPhone and iPad

●        App Design and Development

●        iOS Programming

●        Wearable Tech


Essential Job Responsibilities:

●        Inspire students to think creatively, critically, and innovatively

●        Immerse students in the Technology curriculum

●        Implement the curriculum and organize/prepare daily lessons plans

●        Use effective classroom management skills to lead the activity and effectively create a fun environment where everyone feels included

●        Empower students to explore the world around them and solve real‐life, practical issues

●        Impart your knowledge and expertise as an instructor, resource and guide

●        Lead students in the learning process through the use of 21st century skills such as: innovation, creativity, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, ethical decision making, collaboration, teamwork, time management, empathy, and leadership

●        Create an environment where every student views him/herself as a vital and critical part of a team

●        Work effectively with fellow Teachers and collaborate on daily responsibilities

●        Provide oversight and instruction for your classroom

●        Complete assigned paperwork

●        Have fun


Position Competencies for Success:

●        Desire to make a difference in the life of a child

●        Understand and support the mission of the school

●        Able to work effectively with others in all levels of the school in a professional manner

●        Positive attitude and committed to the growth and development of youth

●        Excellent judgment, ability to identify problems and works quickly to find solutions

●        Commitment to producing consistent, high-quality work

●        Patient, caring and creative

●        Flexible, adaptive and a team player


Experience Requirements:

●     Current or former Technology Teacher with at least 3-years teaching experience at the junior high or high school level

●        Must possess a strong knowledge of one or more technology offerings. Ability to teach more than one technology topic is encouraged

●        Experience facilitating collaborative, discussion-based classes (Harkness method preferred)

●        Willingness to focus on the learning process as a crucial component of the class

●        Have the ability, and deep desire, to lead a classroom in a positive and supportive manner

●        Ability to work effectively with a small support staff


Education Requirements:

●     Bachelor’s degree required (concentration in Information Technology, Game Design, Engineering, Computer Science, etc. strongly preferred)

●     Teaching certification


Other Skill Requirements:

●        Outstanding communication skills which include the ability to use clear, concise and grammatically correct written and oral language in all aspects of professional interaction with students, their families, peers, faculty, leadership and the larger community

●        Have the ability to quickly troubleshoot, and repair, simple PC/Technology problems and errors


Reporting Relationships:

●     Reports directly to the Director of Summer Academics


Typical Working Conditions and Physical Requirements:

●     Ability to push/pull, lift and carry a minimum of 35lbs

●     Endurance to work outside and on your feet for 6-8 hours per day

●     Ability to respond to emergency situations which may require running (up to 1 mile in some cases) and climbing stairs.

●     Good physical condition which enables candidate to execute all responsibilities associated with this position

ESF, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All candidates who meet the qualifications are encouraged to apply at

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