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Director of Academic Programs at NCSSM

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM)

WORKING TITLE: Director of Academic Programs

DEPARTMENT/ OFFICE: Academic Programs


POSTING DATE: February 15, 2017

CLOSING DATE: March 7, 2017 Spm

HIRING RANGE: EHRA Non-Faculty - Salary com mensurate with education and experience; 12 Month Position / 1.0 FTE

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Overview

Mission :

The mission of the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics,  an intellectually stimulating, diverse, and collaborative community, is to: 

  • educateacademicallytalentedstudentstobecomestate,natiandgloballeadersinscience,technology,engineering,andmathematics,
  • advancepubliceducationinNorthCarolina,
  • andinspireinnovation forthebetterment,throughchallengingresidentialandvirtualprogramsdrivenbyinstructionalexcellenceandtheexcitement
Background :

The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) is a public coeducational high school for academically talented juniors and seniors with a commitment to scholarship. The school was established by the North Carolina General Assembly in 1978 to provide challenging educational opportunities for students with special interest and potential in the sciences and mathematics. NCSSM currently serves 680 junio rs and seniors in its residential program, 300 in NCSSM Online and hundreds more North Carolina students seated in schools across the state take NCSSM classes daily through synchronous distance education programs. 


The Board of Trustees of the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics serves to oversee the execution of the NCSSM mission. The Trustees meet quarterly on the NCSSM campus. In 2007-08 NCSSM became the 17th member of the UNC system, and consequently , is governed by the UNC Board of Governors. 

Minimum Requirements: 

Master's degree or earned doctorate in educational administration or in an academic content area related to the curriculum of the school. At least three years of  administrative experience in a public or private secondary school or college. Experience working with talented students in a program  of excellence is preferred. 

Description of Work: 

The Director of Academic Programs is a full-time twelve month EHRA Non-Faculty appointm ent reporting to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Programs.

The Director provides leadership, management , planning and advocacy to all academic areas and across division partnerships. The responsibilities of the Director of Academic Programs are to assist the Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs in the administration of the division. Major responsibilities of the Director include, but are not limited lo, the following: 

  • Participateswithandsupportsthedeansintheplanningandimplementationtheacademiccurriculum
  • OverseesimplementationlNCSSMacademiccalendar
  • Coordinatesschedulingandimplementation ltyprofessional developmentactivitiesandinitiatives
  • Overseestheformalevaluatiandrecommendation facultyforcctreappointmentMaintainsanupdatedtimelinerequiredfacultyevaluationactivitiesandannuallyauditdocumentation evaluationevents, includingprovidingannualclassforthirdthefaculty
  • OverseestheclassattendanceandtextbookdistributionprocessbysupervisingtheClassAttendanceCoordinator
  • OverseesandleadstheacademicprogramsimplementationtheCodeStudentConduct
  • Oversees the NCSSM Mini-Term including updating guidelines and approval of independent project proposals
  • Provides logistical support and participates in NCSSM events such as Open Houses, Discovery Days and Welcome Days
  • Assists in the coordination and leads implementation of NCSSM Academic Program events and initiatives such as Commencement, Convocation, Family Day, Alumni Weekend, Orientation,Academic Competitions, NCSSM Teaching Awards, Conferences, and the Strategic Planning process
  • Serves as an advisor and supports ongoing efforts to improve the overall student advising program
  • Participates on various school-wide committees, councils, and boards
  • Meets regularly with Student Government and Faculty Senate leadership
  • Promotes and attends student activities of all types, including performances, fests, and athletic, recreatio nal, social and academic events
  • Serves as an academic programs liaison with the Divisions of Student Life, Finance and Operations, Institutional Advancement, and Distance Education and External Programs
  • Answers essential questions and provide relevant information to students, faculty, staff, parents, and the general public in regard to NCSSM academic activities, procedures, and events 

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities :

The successful candidate will have demonstrated strong instructional leadership skills with experience in curriculum development, knowledge of educational pedagogy, techniques, trends, and issues in the state and nation; ability to work effectively and collegially with Vice Chancellors, Deans, Directors, Faculty, and Staff; ability to understand and relate to students, treating them with respect; ability to work effectively with parents, upholding the intent of NCSSM policies and procedures; experience in the effective use of instructional technology; ability to communicate clearly and effectively in describing the school's opportunities and expectations to prospective students and the school 's programs and goals to the public. Strong organizational skills, communication skills, flexibility and adaptability are required.

How to Apply:

Submit electroinic application via: Please create an account, search for the Director of Academic Programs vacancy, and complete/subm it onlinc application. 

NCSSM is an EEO/cVerifyNEVRAA Employer


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