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Hall headshotHall Davidson

Discovery Education

Fabulous Consequences:
What the Digital Transformation Means to Teaching, Learning and STEM

Technology has dramatically enhanced teaching and learning. Students can now toggle between in-hand microscopic views on their cell phones to live feeds from outer space. STEM becomes STEAM by building projects with music, art, dance and media-making. "Techbooks" adjust lexile levels, read aloud and change languages with a click. Examples in this fast moving world are Mixed Realities (AR,VR), which have made huge impacts on the workforce, public health, science, entertainment -- and education. They are already showing positive impact in schools. Certainly, making the digital transformation can dramatically raise student achievement but there are also unintended benefits in behavior, attendance, retention and group dynamics. See examples from across the country and around the world at the classroom, building and district level. Build on what’s possible now and be ready for what’s coming next.

About Hall Davidson

Hall Davidson left the middle school classroom where he taught bilingual mathematics to teach math on television on an Emmy-winning program. He later produced broadcast programs, including one where students crossed boundaries live on TV to duplicate Eratosthenes’ calculations of the circumference of the earth in 200 BCE. At the Bush Presidential Library, he handled the country’s largest augmented reality event where students remotely constructed a STEM AR layer to an educational book.

A renowned speaker in educational technology, he presents to audiences around the world to educate and inspire them to leverage the power of technology in today’s classrooms. These high-energy, impactful keynotes have built an impressive following as he tweets, blogs, writes articles and conducts webinars for leaders, educational publications, national associations, and teachers world-wide.

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