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Keynote Speaker


keynote-john-ewingDr. John Ewing

Math For America

Before joining MfA, Ewing served as Executive Director of the American Mathematical Society and previously was professor of mathematics at Indiana University from 1973-1995. Ewing received his B.S. from St. Lawrence University and Ph.D. from Brown University. In addition to his research work, Ewing has been active in mathematical exposition, both as writer and editor, and has written extensively on scholarly publishing and education. Among other awards, he is a Fellow of the AAAS as well as the AMS, received the MAA Gung-Hu award for distinguished public service, and was presented the 2013-14 Horace Mann medal from Brown University.


Closing Session Speaker

keynote-nicole-stottNicole Stott


In May of this year, Astronaut Nicole Stott retired from NASA after a 28-year career that included 11 years working at the Kennedy Space Center in support of all areas of the Space Shuttle program helping prepare Space Shuttles for launch and safely recovering them and their crews after landing; 2 years working at the Johnson Space Center as a Flight Simulation Engineer on the Shuttle Training Aircraft – a modified corporate jet that was used to train astronaut pilots how to fly the Space Shuttle; and the past 15 years as a NASA Astronaut.  Nicole is an Artist, Astronaut, Aquanaut, Aviator, Advocate, and Mom.

As she transitions from her career with NASA to that of an Artist, she does so with the hope of sharing the awesome spaceflight experience she’s had by capturing the beauty of our planet through her own artwork.  As an astronaut she was blessed to fly in space twice – on her first mission she launched to the International Space Station (ISS) on the Space Shuttle Discovery with the crew of STS-128, spent 3 months living and working on the ISS as a member of the Expedition 20 and 21 crews, and returned to Earth on the Space Shuttle Atlantis with the crew of STS-129.  Her second mission took her back to the ISS as a Mission Specialist on STS-133, the final flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery.  In preparation for her spaceflights, Nicole traveled the world to train with our ISS partners, and also earned the title Aquanaut after spending 18 days living under water in the Aquarius habitat as a member of the NEEMO (NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations) crew – the longest underwater mission to date.  At an early age, her inspiration came from flying small planes with her dad, and from both a mom and dad who never used the word impossible.  An Aviator herself, she is an instrument rated private pilot.  Nicole is an advocate for finding solutions to complex struggles here on Earth via the same model we have successfully used with our international partners to explore space.  She is a founding member of the Manna Energy Foundation and Fragile Oasis, and she is an active supporter of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) organizations.   And most importantly, as a Mom, Nicole is thankful that she has been able to share her experiences with her son and is hopeful he will also be inspired to follow his dreams.   

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